Shin Splint Sandal
Shin Splint Sandal
Shin Splint Sandal

Shin Splint Sandal

Flip Rehab & Fitness LLC
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Created and developed by a doctor of physical therapy, the Shin Splint Sandal is an affordable and convenient option to rehab and/or strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and shin to build back stronger after an injury or reduce the risk of future injury. 

With the Shin Splint Sandal, you can start doing Tib Raises at home as popularized in the ATG program, using dumbbells.

Use the Shin Splint Sandal to strengthen muscles in the lower leg in the directions of ankle dorsiflexion(move toes towards your nose like Tib Raises), ankle inversion, ankle eversion, and even standing hip flexion/marching and standing hamstring curls. Check out the Instagram or YouTube pages for instructional and How-To videos. 

Have you experienced ankle sprains, shin splints, or anterior knee pain?

Are you a runner or basketball player that can't seem to break past that next level?

The Shin Splint Sandal can be a great addition to your program. Ask your physical therapist how you can incorporate using the Shin Splint Sandal into your plan of care. 

Product Highlights:

  • Fits most sneakers up to Men's Size 13
  • Tested to hold up to 50lbs (typical range is 2-15lbs for most users depending on the exercise)
  • Fits most dumbbells and certain ankle weights
  • Many uses with same device 

Weights not included with purchase